The sessions of the one-day Animal Welfare Summit are arranged by the following key subjects (sessions may be combined as desired – sign up approx. 3 months prior to the event):

  • Panel Habitats
  • Panel Nutrition
  • Panel Economy

// Work in progress //

Heli Dungler

10.00 // Opening


Heli Dungler, Founder and CEO of VIER PFOTEN (FOUR PAWS)

10.05 // Opening

>>Opening Speech by the Austrian President<<

Alexander Van Der Bellen, Federal President of the Republic of Austria

Vytenis Andriukaitis

10.15 // Opening

>>Opening Speech by the EU Commissioner<<

Vytenis Andriukaitis, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety


Morning // Keynote

>> Raj Patel: The World - A Place worth living for all of us? <<

A contemporary global analysis on the relations between environment, nature, economy, life, humans and animals, and virtual, critical, and rave reflections of the present and the future.

Afternoon // Panel Habitats

>> Survival of the fittest - A planet on the edge? <<

What are the consequences of our dealing with animals on the environment, global allocation of resources and our opinion on animals living in the wild?


  • Paul Waldau, Author (US)

  • Marc Pierschel, Filmmaker and author (GER)

  • Vidya Athreya, Ecologist (IND)

  • Phone Win, Phycisist (MMR)

Afternoon // Panel Nutrition

>> 'Meating' the demand of a growing population? <<

What will nutrition in the future look like? How suitable for daily use are animal welfare and alternative dietary concepts?


  • Matthias Wolfschmidt, International Campaign Director at (GER)

  • Guillaume Betton, Farmer (FRA)

  • Tarique Arsiwalla, Vice-President IPIFF (NLD)

  • Kurt Schmidinger, Food scientist and geophysicist (AUT)

  • Jörg Luy, Veterinarian and expert in animal ethics (GER) 

Afternoon // Panel Economy

>> Animal Welfare - Added Value or passing trend? <<

Who can or wants to afford animal welfare? Who are the winners and who are the losers?


  • Nicky Amos, Executive Director Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) (UK)

  • Sophie Karmasin, Motive researcher and politician (AUT)

  • Jörg Altemeier, Veterinarian and Head of Animal Welfare, Tönnies Lebensmittel (GER)

  • Pamela Ravasio, Head of CSR & Sustainability at European Outdoor Group (CH)

  • Hanna Denes, Senior Standards Manager, Textile Exchange (UK) 

Who’s coming to the Animal Welfare Summit?

The 1st International Animal Welfare Summit is aimed at decision makers and stakeholders of

  • Private commercial undertakings
    from the food manufacture and retail industry, and undertakings processing animal (by-)products
  • Interest groups and associations
    for agriculture (e.g. agrarian and organic associations), consumer protection, food service, and professional veterinary and agricultural associations
  • International NGOs
    from the fields of animal welfare, animal rights, protection of the environment, protection of nature and species, education, health and humanitarian assistance
  • Universities and research facilities
    from the domains of agricultural science, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, food and health sciences, economics, social sciences jurisprudence, ecology and meteorology
  • National and international political institutions
    with a focus on agriculture, animal welfare, environment, commerce, consumer protection, development, science and education

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